The Transformer Age of Extinction 2014|Releasing|H D Trailer|First Look

The Transformer: Age of Extinction 2014|Releasing|H D Trailer|First Look

Releasing : 27, JUNE,2014

Transformer Age Of Extinction is a forthcoming American + Science fiction movie which is completely based on Transformer Toy and comic. It will be the fourth part of Transformer Film Series.

Transformer Age of Extinction

Director : Michael Bay

 Producer:  Ian Bryce,Tom DeSantoo,  Lorenzo di Bonaventura

Writter : Ehren Kruger

Music : Steve Jablonsky

Country : United States
Language : English
Budget : $165 million

Official Website : | Twitter | Facebook

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First Look:

As we all know , Its a movie with new characters and story.The Official site Explains ” A small group of

Transformers will meet up with an additional gang of Transformers wherever they fight their particular

way out of crater that has been apparently manufactured by starship.” I think you Will be somewhat more clear by this Teaser OFFICIAL Trailer Of Transformer Age Of Extinction.

Transformer Age of Extinction new Teaser Trailer in 2014

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