Top 7 Best Upcoming Technologies that may change our Life

7 Best Upcoming Technologies that may change our Life

Today talking about some Best Upcoming Technologies, as compared to our last time, we have encountered various great changes or more accurately I should say revolution in Digital Technology World since last 5 to 6 years. These involve Various Smartphones, Tablets, Cloud Computing. These all are innovations that has revolutionized the todays world along with our life. However, either we believe or not, but that’s just beginning. In future, it’s going to possible that we could live like that in the Science Fiction Movie.

My this post is related to top 7 Best Upcoming Technologies that is going to change our life . So, get ready to control latest technologies, face cloning, to slice ninja fruits and to drive in the Virtual World.

So below is a list of Top 7 Best Upcoming Technologies or you can say some upcoming latest technologies along  with their video footage.

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Google glass one of the latest Best Upcoming Technologies

Google glass one of the latest Best Upcoming Technologies

Google Glass is one among the latest Best Upcoming Technologies by Google . Artificial Technology has already found lot of space in our life in the form of various experiments and their results, but now Google is taking it in very advance Manner with various big steps with this Google Glass. With this Google glass, we will be able to view Google maps, text, navigate with GPS. These Google Glass shows information in a smartphone-like format and we could interact with the internet without desktop, laptop or smartphones with our natural voice command control. The Operating System that Google is going to use in such glass will be the Google’s own Android Operating system. So no doubt, this is going to be one of the Best Upcoming Technologies for the growing world.

2. Leap Motion

This one of the Best Upcoming Technologies is presented by Leap Motion. It provides us one of the awesome and amazing interactions with our computers. This Leap motion, considering as more accurate then mouse, as more reliable as we find keyboard, are much sensitive as compared to a touch screen. With this, we can control, for the very first time, computer in 3-Dimensions with our natural finger movements.

3. Face Cloning

Disney Research has completed a process of designing and fabricating synthetic skin for one of the animatronics character that can exactly mimics the face of a given expression. This brilliant effort starts with the measuring of the elastic property of the substance used for the manufacturing of synthetic soft tissue. Thus its another among the awesome Best Upcoming Technologies in this world.

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4. Fuel from Air

A Revolutionary from all Best Upcoming Technologies is Manufacturing of petrol from Air. One of the British Company based on Teesside tells that it is one of the revolutionary technology from which we can produce Petrol with the usage of just Air with Water. Air fuel synthesis in the Stockton-on-tees has already produced 5 litres of petrol from August. They hopes it to be in production by 2015 with motor sports sector as target. It is the believe of the company that this revolutionary technique could help the world in solving the problems related to energy supply and to reduce global warming and will be the revolutionary techniques amongst Best Upcoming Technologies in future.

5. Self-Driving car by Google

Google again listed its name within Top Best Upcoming Technologies provider. Google’s Driver-less car is another project by Google which include driver-less car driving technology. This Google’s Driver-less car project is presently led by Google’s engineer Sebastian Thrun, co-inventor of Google street view along with the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence.

6. Glasses-Free 3-D TV

Glass Free 3-D TV is most entertaining and most demanding result from Best Upcoming Technologies of present World. MIT Media Lab System make uses of various layers of LCD’s (liquid Crystal Displays) to produce an 3-Dimensional illusion which is quite convincing. This display would need to refresh at very fast rate i.e. 360 times in a second, in other words have frequency 360 Hz.

7. Eye Tribe

Eye trailing has been actively mentioned by technology enthusiasts throughout these years, however it’s very difficult to implement. However Eye Tribe really performed this. They with their success in it, created the technology to permit you to regulate your tablet device, play various simulating games, and even slice fruits in Fruit Ninja just along with your eye movements. It’s an amazing technology and no doubt that it is among one of the Best Upcoming Technologies .

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That’s all about some of the Best Upcoming Technologies in future, so share these with your friends and enjoy the updates.

Top 7 Best Upcoming Technologies
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