Top 7 best places to Check Internet Speed

Best places to Check Internet Speed

I am using same Broadband Internet Connection from last few years, but the most frequent problem that I have came across is inconsistency in my Internet speed, provided by my service provider. So there is a frequent need to check internet speed .
So, to make this task easy for you, today I’m sharing here a quality list of top 10 websites which are absolutely free and help you to check internet speed .

Best and Useful ways to check Internet Speed :


Check Internet Speed by is an interesting website with a beautiful Interface, which looks like virtual speedometer (showing your Internet Speed) . It let you know and to check your speed ( both downloading and uploading ), ping with your IP address. Thus is latest DSL speed test to run a check to check internet speed . 

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Check Internet Speed by SpeedTest

SpeedTest is one of those website which I use to check Internet Speed . It represents a lovely interface which probably can attract you. It also provide you a facility of choosing the closest server for running this test. With a beautiful interface, it also give your service provider name and Your IP address. From Screenshot given here, you can have your first look.

3. or wire speed test

Check Internet Speed by Wire Speed Test

Wire Speed Test

One important thing that you might not like related to is, it never ask before performing speed test and start automatically . As soon as you visit the website link, it will show your speed. But the best thing of this website is its quick response .

 wire speed test

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4. Intel speed Test

Check Internet Speed by Intel Speed Test

Intel Speed Test

It corresponds to a Speed Test from Intel Website, that is more specifically designed for Gamers to check their broadband speed and with that whether they will be able to play online games or not.

 Intel speed Test


Check Internet Speed by Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place

To check Internet speed with this website, Click on the start button and that’s it you’ll get your Internet speed . This website like others also provide options to choose server from server list, your IP address, downloading speed along with you Internet’s uploading speed .

6. Airtel Broadband

Check Internet Speed by Airtel broadband

Airtel broadband

Airtel is amongst the most popular Internet Service Provider in Metro cities. It also provide it’s official Airtel Internet Speed testing tool which works with various Service provider in the India . But yes, this tool requires Java installed in your device.

Airtel Broadband

7. McAfee Speed test :

Check Internet Speed by McAfee Speed test

McAfee Speed test

This is another Internet speed testing tool , but honestly speaking with a very boring Interface. Here, you need to run your speed test 2 to 3 times for more accurate result to check Internet speed .

McAfee Speed test

so, these all above are the different options which will help you to check internet speed .

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Best places to Check Internet Speed
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Best places to Check Internet Speed