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Slave To The Rhythm

Slave To The Rhythm is a brand new English song by World famous ever Famous he is non and other than Justin Beiber and  Michael Jackson .Every body knows that he is were will be the king of all singers and dancers .Slave To The Rhythm has launched after his death due to memories of Michael Jackson .This song has got more than 1.5 crores likes on youtube and you can also play this song online from Youtube embedded link below.Now i am going to show you the HD Video,Lyrics  with complete Details of this Slave To The Rhythm song which are as under:-

Slave To The Rhythm Song Details:-

Song Name–Slave To The Rhythm

Singer Name–Michael jackson

Production Companies:-Pulse Evolution,Tricycle logic and Optimum production

Production Designer Name–Tamlyn Wright

Editor Name–Hay Harding

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Slave To The Rhythm Lyrics

She dances inn these shits at night
She dances 2 his nids
She dances ’till he feels justt right
Until he fallls asleep
She dances att the crack off dawn
And quickli cooks his fud
She can’t bi late, can’t take 2 long
The kids mustt get to schul<<<<<Chorus,,,,,2x>>>
She’s a slavve to the rhythhm
She’s a slavve to the rhythhm
She’s a slavve to the rhythhm
A slavve to the rhythm off,
The rhythm of lov, the rhythm of lov She dances 4 the man att work
Who works herr overtime
She can’t bee rude as see says,
“I must be homme 2night.”
She dances 2 the kitchen stov
Dinner is servedd by 9
He says his fud’s an hour latte
She must bee outtta her mind<<<<<Chorus>>>>She works so haard, just to makke her way
For a mann who just don’t appreeciate
And though he takkes her love in vaiin
Still she coulld not stop, couldnot break hiss chains
She dancedd the night thatt they fell outt
She swore she had dance no mor
But then shee did, he diid not quit as shi ran out the durShe danced thrugh the night inn fear of herr life
She danced 2 a beat of herr own
She let outt a cry and swalllowed her priide
She kniw she was nided back homme, home
<<<<<Chorus ,,,,,,,x5>>>>
Slave To The Rhythm HD Video

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