How to kiss a girl very first time on lips having love with passion

How to kiss a girl 

,,,,,,,,,,,,A kiss is way of sharing your love with your angel Girl ,,,,,,,,,How to kiss a girl

How to make a kiss ?: So, I am here to help you all beyond my all achievements or Now, I am going to discuss about the subject of kissing. How to kiss a Girl with your true love, romantically and passionately ? or very simply how to kiss a girl with a kiss that your angel girl deserve ? Actually this isn’t a question you are most familiar with,  how to kiss a girl , coz no one plan before making a kiss… or one say it can happen unexpectedly!!!!

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Are you Ready for it ?

Let’s start ..

Oral consciousness for  how to kiss a girl

While thinking of how to kiss a girl one should must aware about his mouth hygiene before making an  effective kiss and to learn that How to kiss a girl . A proper breathe will always make kiss awesome. So its a basic point for a perfect, passionate and successful kiss. As mostly kisses happen unexpectedly so i suggest you all to make following as your routine before to learn How to kiss a girl:

  • Never smoke while making a kiss.
  • Always make your tongue clean.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Eat  more fruits with green  vegetables as welll.

You can also use  minted stuffs like chewing gums it will make your kiss a good one.

Most of you are not taking this step as a serious one but when once you use them you will find its importance.

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Be sure about perfection(time, place, mood etc..)

Mostly Girls  love emotions as compared to boys, so we should always try to make our first kiss memorable.

How to kiss a girl for the very first time on lips

Choose a perfect place, time to make it, and yes one MOST IMPORTANT  thing is both of you should be alone coz a true loving girl always wants her time of kissing to be the best instant, she has ever felt in her life. Never try to kiss her in absence of her privacy, coz privacy makes you kiss more passionate and romantic and strengthen her love and believe on you This is main fact about How to kiss a girl. Some partners try to make a kiss at any place, coz they only want his partner for that instant only after which they want to leave her. So if you are one such type of visitor then sorry you can leave me. But for true one’s i’ll always try my best.

Start it very slowly  

How to kiss a girl for the very first time on lips

How to make an effective kiss

Never be in hurry while trying to kiss or while even thinking about  how to kiss a girl . You must provide the feel of How to kiss a girl by STARTING IT VERY SLOWLY your kiss to your partner, so give proper time to enjoy it well. It always take your kiss to the peak level. If you try it in hurry it will always give you unsatisfied finishing and mood. So all you now need is to give a correct position to your partner such that both of you are comfortable.

So we try it very slowly while holding the shoulders of our partner. Firstly look at her eyes for a while which tells her what you are going to do. From my opinion it will be more effective rather than to say that ” I am going to kiss you”. After a little bit  time you will surely get  a positive response from your lover and she say  from her eyes of “kisss me“.

Now move your lips close to her lips but never make it hurry again, you should utilize the proper time, it will increase her excitement. When both of your lips are close to each other feel your breathe very slowly and release it slowly by making it warm on your partner’s skin. After enjoying this warm and romantic rhythm of breathe move forward to touch lips. Remember who wish more for a kiss at this time, that means who make it fast for the next moment. At this instant you will find your partner’s eyes will be closed while kissing. After reaching to such  an extent you will find your kiss to be very easy.

Start with lips only

How to make an effective kissHOW TO KISS A GIRL

Such type of kiss is most popular known as french kiss. This step comes at the end of a passionate kiss. Now for this your hand should hold the head of your partner instead of her shoulder. Enjoy it for a long period while kissing at the lips more interestingly, the lower lip but don’t  miss the upper one completely. You can take her upper or lower lips completely in your lips, taste the lip more and more and it will give a big enjoyment to both of you lovers.

 Provide Chances to partner also 


HOW TO KISS A GIRLGive a proper chance to your partner to make your kiss more sexy. Don’t bend your

head too much for the kiss, let her to balance your passion.


A lot of girls while kissing at this stage start kissing the boy at his neck so one should always  try to keep his muscles stronger which will enhance this enjoyment and boost your experience on  how to kiss a girl .

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Use your Hands more strongly at ends while holdingrole of hand while kissing a girl

while kissing with holding her you should hold your hand strongly at the ends, it will make the girl more and

How to make an effective kiss

more passionate. One can also make tongue to tongue contact while kissing, if she allows. At any instant you use your hands to make this kiss more sexy by hugging her tightly.

Proper ending is Must

ending of kissAfter full enjoyment with this kiss and getting relxed with the question of how to kiss a girl , you need a proper and calm ending. Never give sudden stop to it. Make her relaxed by leaving slowly and then you can also kiss her at her forehead.

So it’s all about the way to kisss or the answer of  how to kiss a girl. Hope you’ll like it.


How to kiss a girl very first time on lips having love with passion
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How to kiss a girl very first time on lips having love with passion
Now, I am going to discuss about the subject of how to kiss a girl. How to kiss a Girl with your true love, romantically and passionately ? or simply ......