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How to gain weight

How to gain weight is now at present time, assumed to be a big task and is considered as similar as to lose weight. I think it might be a little exaggeration; but also in our daily life we come across a person who looks like a stick or those who doesn’t shy from food. They never use to put on the weights, but they also want to have a beautiful muscular look and fit body.

how to gain weight

How to gain weight

How to gain weight : Reasons for a person to be underweight

Before learning How to gain weight it is better to understand the reasons for underweight. In day to day life, we are not concerned for our health. There may be different various reasons due to which people may be found as underweight. Improper feeding habits, bad selection of foods, extra hard work without increasing the diet, long gaps between their meals. Other important reasons for this are illness for longtime, hormonal imbalance and eating oily and junk foods.

How to gain weight : With Healthy weight gain

How to get healthy weight gain or How to gain weight in a healthy way : It is always advisable to make a gradual weight gain. With increase in 500 kilo calorie/day one can gain the body weight by ½ kg per week. Our aim should be to gain the desirable weight as per ideal body weight in accordance with our age, height and gender as well. To maintain a good looking ideal body , to rebuild our body tissue and to maintain a balanced and good nutritional status are some of the important reasons for which we should gain a healthy weight.

How to gain weight : By Exercise

How to gain weight by exercise : If you are not known with the fact of bad eating habits and their harmful effects, you need to beware completely of their heavy and skinny harmful paunch. It doesn’t matter what is your present skinny status, but as you grow you’ll find yourself with unsightly skinny  harmful paunch. To avoid such a big dangerous problem, you must be determined to maintain a beautiful toned body. For all this, you must need to keep yourself fit by exercises. You can perform flexibility exercises daily without missing a single day, weight lifting and by participation in a balanced mix of cardio.

How to gain weight : Some important exercises for the beginners

exercises for the beginners on how to gain weight


 Squat ( 5×5 )

Pull-ups  ( 5×5 )

Overhead Press ( 5×5 )


Squat ( 5×5 )

Deadlifts 3×5 ( with your own choice you can choose the number of sets that you can made, it is highly  taxing, be careful, better is to make a single set but with a enough heavy load for you )

Bench press ( 5×5 )


Squat ( 5×5 )

Pull-ups 5×5

Overhead Press ( 5×5 )

Perform this sequence for every week and increase it slowly along with the weight in your each session. If you are making progress, feel relaxed and free to add up other exercises like Dips and other weight lifting.

How to gain weight By taking Healthy diet

Healthy diet for weight gain :

How to gain weight from healthy diet : You can take a dietary supplement but along with a balanced diet. You need a proper amount of protein, carbohydrates along with fats. Fed yourself nuts and dairy products. Protein is known to be the key for a proper muscle building and thus help you to gain weight.

How to gain weight: Some tips on balanced diet

Tips to gain weight or Tips on How to gain weight :

  • Eat a lot of healthy vegetables and meat.
  • Eat boiled eggs yolk ( yellow portion of the boiled egg )  

Egg is economical and healthy as well. Eat complete egg. It is filled with vitamins A, D and E along with some important and good cholesterol required by our body.

  • Meat having animal fat and also coconut oil.
  • Take bananas to boost up your calorific intake and get some fuel for work.
  • Butter : It helps in long time weight gain. Don’t take it regularly because it may harm your soft heart. So, take it in moderation.
  • Natural fruit juice : A healthy and the best way to gain some weight take 100 % pure juice that is filled with proper amount of sugar and added required nutrients.
  • Banana : Only single Banana contains almost 100 calories . It not only provide carbohydrates but also give us fuel for the work.

how to gain weight

How to gain weight: Other factors affecting our weight

Precautions for healthy weight gain :

It is very important to remember the following things in day to day life so that we can stop asking How to gain weight :

  • Eating junk food.
  • Lack of sleep at night may cause you body fat.
  • Eating in the running car.
  • Eating food in front of TV
  • Taking a lot of Coffee

I hope you might have got the answer of your such an important question i.e. , How to gain weight and hope it will help you a lot.

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How to gain weight
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