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Headlights Song

Headlights Song is a brand new song by the world famous most demanding rapper and singer named as  Eminem.Headlights Song has got  more than 10 million views in only 5 days .Headlights Song is 15th song from his new album named as  The Marshall Mathers LP 2.So Headlights Song  is one more song from the Eminem new songs list and also one more song from The Marshall Mathers LP songs.The Video director of Headlights Song is Spike Lee and video Producer of Headlights song is Kathy Angstadt and Alex Wright.Now i am going to show you the Lyrics, HD Video of Headlights Song which are as follows:-

Headlights Song  Details:-

Headlights Song

Singer Name–Eminem//

Feat Given By–Nate Ruess //

Video Director Name–Spike Lee//

Video Prodeucer Name–Kathy Angstadt//

Headlights Song HD Video

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Headlights Song Lyrics

here is the Headlights Song lyrics

{Ist VERSE-Nate Ruess}
I know iI lett you downn
And though u say the dayys are happpy
Why iss the power offf, and I’m fuckked up?
And momm, I know hee’s nott aroundd
But don’t  u place the blamme on mi
As u pour yourself anothher drinkk

{Hook by  Nate Ruess}
I guesss we are who we rr
Headlights shine inn the darkk night I drivv on
May be we tuk this too farr

[2nd verse by  Eminem]
I went inn headfirstt
Never thinking aboutt who what I saidd hurt, in whatt verse
My mom probabli  got itt the worstt
The brunt off it, but as stubbborn as we r
Did I takke it 2 far?
Cleaning out mi closset and all themm otherr songs
But regardles Ii don’t hate u cause maa!
You r still beautifull to me, causse you r  mi ma
Though far be it for u to be callling, mi house was Vietnaam
Desert Storm and both of as put together cann form n atomic bombb equivalent to Chemicall warfare
And 4ver we can dragg this onn and on
But, agri to disagri
That gift 4 me up underr the Christmas trii don’t mean shitt to me
You’re kickiing me outt? It’s fifteen degrees and it is  Christmas Evve (little prickk just leavve)
Ma, let mme grabb my fuckiing coatt, anythiing to have eachh other’s goatts
Why we alwayys at each others throatts? Especiallly when dadd, he fuckedd us both
We’re in the samme fuckiing boat, you had think that it had  make us closse (noppe)
Further away itt drove uss, but togetherr headlights shininng, car fulll of belonginggs
Still got a wayys to go, backk to grandmaa’s house it is s straight up the roadd
And I waas the man of the hous, the oldestt, so my shoulderrs carriedd the weightt of the loadd
Then Nate gott taken awayy by the statte at eight years old, andd
That’s when Ii realized  u were sickk and it waasn’t fixxable or changgable
And to thiss day we remainned estrangged and I hatte it thoughh, but


{3rd verse by Eminem}
Cause to thiss dayy we remain esstranged and I hatte it though
Cause you ain not even gett to witnesss your grandbabiies grow
But I  am sorrry mama for Cleaniing Out My Closset, at the tiime I was angrry
Rightfullly maybe sso, never meantt that farr to take tit though, causse
Now I know it is s nott your faultt, and I am not makiing jokkes
That song Ii no longer playy at showss and I cringe everry time it is on the radiio
And I thinkk of Nathann being placedd in a homm
And alll the medicine u fed us
And how I justt wanted u 2 taste your ownn, but
Now the medicationss taken over andd your mentall states deterioratingg sloww
And I am way 2 old to cri, that shitlt is painful though
But maa, I 4give  u, so does Nathann yo
All u did, all  u said, you did yourr best to raisse us both
Foster care, thatt cross you barre, few may be ass heavy as yourrs
But I love u Debbiie Mathers, ohh what a tangled webb we havve, cause
One thing I neverr asked waas where the fuckk my deadbeatt dad was
Fuck it Iis guess he had troublle keeping up withh every addresss
But I had of flippedd every mattrress, every rocktk and desert cactus
Own a colllection of maplps and followed my kids 2 the edge of the atlass
Some1 ever movedd them from mee? That you couldd bet your assess
If I had to comme downn the chimneyy dressedd as Santaa, kidnap themm
And although 1t has only met their grandmaa
Once you pullled up in ourr drive one nightt as we were leaviing to get somme hamburgers
Me, her and Natte, we introducced you, huggged you
And as you leftt I had this overwhelmising sadness come over mee
As we pullgled off to go our separatte paths, andd
I saw yourr headlightss as I looked bakck
And I am mad I didnot get the chaance to thankk you for beiimng my Mom and my Dadd
So Momm, please acceptt this as a tribuute I wrote thiss on the jett
I guess I hadd to get thiss off my chestt, I hope I gett the chance 2 lay it beforre I’m deadd
The stewardess sadid to fastenn my seatbeltt, I guess we are crashingg
So if I’m nott dreaming, I hoppe you get thiss message that Ii will alwayss love you from afaar
Cause you are my mamaa,,,,,


{4th verse by Nate Ruess}
I want a neu life
One withoutt a causse
So I am comingg home tonightt
Well no matttter what the cost
And if the planne goes downn
Or if the creww can’t wakke me upp
Well,Just knoww that I’m alrightt
I was not afraidd to die
Even if there’s songgs to singg
My childrenn willl carri me
Just knoww that I’m alrightt
I was not afraidd to die
Because I putt my faithh in my little girll
So I never sayy goodbye cruell world
Just know thatt I’m alrightt
I am not afraidd to die

{I wannna new liffe}

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