Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Releasing|Story|Starring|Stills

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Releasing|Story|Starring|Stills:

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie First look & Releasing:

Hindi movie 2013 Gori Tere Pyaar Mein  is a forthcoming comedy+romantic Bollywood movie managed and written by Punit Malhotra. We will find Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor  as playing there leading role in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Hindi movie 2013.

certification: U/A

IN THEATERS: 22 November 2013


  • Imran Khan

  • Kareena Kapoor

  • Shraddha Kapoor

  • Esha Gupta  in an awesome look in song “Dhat Teri Ki”

  • Nizhalgal Ravi

  • Avantika Malik Khan with a Special Appearance in song “Dhat Teri Ki”.

  • Kalyani Natarajan


The movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein story is about Rahul (Imran Khan) who returns to his dad in his village, who is a good Choudhary along with ‘a person associated with his word’ over that region. Right after completing his studies with US, he returns with his friend Neha (Kareena Kapoor) who studied with him in the same university. They don’t say to Rahul’s dad that they are actually in love with each other. Once a day, finally when Rahul wants to speak with dad about it, he hears his dad sharing with in telephone that Rahul will be your son-in-law!  His dad just told him that he has arranged his marrige with Shabbu (Shraddha Kapoor), girl associated with an another Choudhary. Rahul won’t really wants to hurt nerither his dad nor Neha. Therefore he shows Neha that his dad has agreed.Now What follows is a wonderful drama which in turn shows just how he convinces both Shabbu along with Neha for getting married to them along with this more interestingly he handles Neha facing his dad!

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Does Rahul shows his dad? How he managed to convince him?

Does Shabbu forgive Rahul?

Just what is definitely the conclusion with the competition with the two individuals as soon as they understand comprehend?

This particular follows all of those other part of this movie.

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Official HD Trailer:

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Movie Item Song-Dhatt Teri Ki:

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