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Let It Go Song by Indina Menzel

Let It Go Song is a famous English Song from Frozen Movie 2013. Song is composed by Robert Lopez along with Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Lyrics of Let It Go Song is also beautifully written by these two same persons Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Song is famous for its outstanding performance by Indina Menzel (appeared as Queen Elsa). The most demanding pop rock version of Let It Go Song is also composed by the same composers.

While talking about Let It Go Song review , it represents Queen Elsa (Indina Menzel) where she abondons kingdom at the instant when her ability to create or to control snow or ice was revealed in front of public. Then she realizes that there is no need to hide her amazing abilities.

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Let It Go Song Details

  • Song Name — Let It Go Song
  • Movie – Frozen
  • Lyricist or songwriter – Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez
  • Star cast – Indina Menzel

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Let It Go Indina Menzel Song Lyrics

!!  The snow glowss white on the mountain tonight…
Not a fOOtprint to be seen..
A kingdOm of isOlation,
& it looks like I am the Queen
The wind is howling…, like dis swirling storm inside..
Couldn’t keep it in,,,
Heaven knows I have tried

Don’t let them inn,
don’t let them seee
Be the good girl u always have to be
Conceal,,, don’t feel,,,
don’t let them knoww
Well now they knoww

!! Let it go , let it go !!
Can’t hold it backk anymore

!! Let it go , let it go !!

Turn awayy and slam the door,,,/
I don’t care/
what they are going to say…!!
Let the storm rage onn.
The cold neverr bothered me anywayy

It’s funnyy how some distance….
Makes every thing seem small
And the fearss that once controlled mee
Can’t get to mee at all

It’s time to seee what I can do
To test the limitss and break through
Noo right, noo wrong, noo rules for me,
I’m freee!!!

!! Let it go , let it go !!
I’m one with the wind and skyy
!! Let it go , let it go !!
You will never see me cryy
Here I stand,,,
And here I’ll stayy
Let the storm rage onn

Myy power flurries, through the air into the ground..
Myy soul is spiraling inn frozen fractals all around..
And 1 thought crystallizes like an icyy blast
I am never going back, the paast is in the past

!! Let it go , let it go !!
& I’ll rise like the break of dawn..
!! Let it go , let it go !!
That perfect girl iss gone
Here I stand,,,
Inn the light of day,,,
Let the storm rage onn

!! The cold never bothered me anyway !!

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Let It Go Indina Menzel Song Video HD

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