Dahi handi celebrations Special- Celebrities on the way

Dahi handi celebrations

Dahi handi celebrations All of us hear how the demand to have the Agneepath actor in order to rejoice Gokulashtami this holiday season may not determine, as the festival organisers can’t genuinely pay the honey-eyed actor’s humongous needs. That make of us to think if Hrithik’s many other B-towners as well prefer to benefit from auspicious functions like this one…

Welcoming superstars in Janmashtami activities each year in order to cheer for the passionate govindas is actually standard. And when there is some special and favorite one available, then every thing probable will likely be performed in order to string that celeb directly into the event. And, naturally, there may be as usual some sort of transaction involved. Apna B-town celebrities are recognized by benefit from most of these opportunities to generate the presence felt in addition to occasionally advertise their movies although making many big moolah without having excessive energy.

Including each year, this holiday season as well many B-town biggies can make the starry presence felt on various Dahi handi celebrations places throughout aamchi Mumbai, wherever awards running directly into crores rupees will likely be available, naturally with the govindas! We have recently came to know that Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol and many others will probably be found on these brilliant Dahi handi celebrations activities.

Shahrukh Khan to wait Dahi handi celebrations in Worli

Along with Chennai Express grossing Rs 200 crore as well as world-wide and still keeping track of, this celebrity couldn’t possess requested much more from the gods. It is another fantastic probability with the B-town Baadshah to not just satisfy, welcome in addition to interact with their supporters who will show up in good sized quantities.

Hrithik Roshan in Worli, as well. Esha Deol to join SRK in Worli pertaining to Janmashtami. Bipasha Basu in Pune pertaining to Janmashtami.

So all you could passionate govinda supporters – do you think you’re ready in order to rejoice Dahi handi celebrations along with your preferred B-town megastars?

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Dahi handi celebrations