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Hey Friends, Welcome To SuRaJsInGh.In . I’m SURAJ SINGH, the admin of this blog.

May be, you’re reading this blog as a ‘visitor’ now but after a few minutes of reading – beginning of www.surajsingh.in,  may be some of you’ll decide to join SuRaJsInGh.In on various Social networking sites.


About Some of my Qualifications and Achievements :

I have completed my higher school education from New Delhi. I was  born and raised in Delhi. I’ve attended GGSIP University for Electrical and Electronics Engineering from 2012 to 2016. Prior to that I’ve also worked as a cycle achiever  in ‘CORPORATE INFOCOM Pvt. Ltd.’ and being a network marketing specialist I have managed to develop myself as an IT based Entrepreneur.

Beginning of  SuRaJsInGh.In:

I started SuRaJsInGh.In in 2013, and in the very first year of my experience, I’ve taken my blog to a level that it deserves, but i think it still deserves much more.

My Why: Why I started  SuRaJsInGh.In

When i initially started it, my main motto was to become a self-dependent and a well settled person before being a graduate ; i also started this blogging because i had decided to show the entire world that being even an electrical engineering student one day I’d be able to compete in the IT world and to defeat some of the computer science students who used to make my fun just because i didn’t how to use a computer or laptop.

Yes initially, i didn’t know how to use a computer or a laptop or even i didn’t know how to carry mouse of a computer because at that time i believed that just on the behalf of my educations and knowledge, i’ll compete with the world but that was one of my biggest psychological barrier; but today i have realized that practicality  is very important in our life.  I am really thankful to ‘Corporate Infocom Pvt. ltd.‘ and one of my friend who inspired me to do something practical in my life.

Changes: from SuRaJsInGh.In

But at present, I have made blogging as my passion, my problems as a source of my solution, and my  dreams as my motivational source. Now the person who was nothing initially has now become something with Knowledge on various sectors of IT, SEO ,SEM .SMO … .

Being an Entrepreneur, i always prefer to help those person who want to make any positive change in their lives and want to create a revolution in in the world of IT with the best of my knowledge and also by providing them a better platform.

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